Lightning Bug

by Paper Mache

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"Lightning Bug", Paper Mache's sophomore release, is an album built on experience and exploration. After 2 years on the road, Paper Mache had completed over 450 shows supporting their debut record "Easier to Lose". A DIY band comprised of members from all over the globe, Paper Mache began as an idea formed in the mind of frontman Chelsea Seth Woodward. After the release of "Easier to Lose" the band built a rapid, cult-like following of fans. The band is quick to deny this however, stating that the people they have encountered on the road are more like friends and family, than fans.

After years on the road, the band decided to take a break in September 2009. Returning to Los Angeles to begin writing for a new record. After four months of being holed up in a studio the band split for an extended break, and everyone returned home.

This time apart saw many changes for the band. It was a time of great self-reflection, time with family, and also brought changes of the heart. The band had always discussed a move to Austin, but in March of 2010, just two months before the scheduled move, two great losses shook the band to their core. The mother of guitarist Brian Bash suddenly passed away, leaving everyone to question the motivation behind moving to Austin. On top of losing a loved one, the band was also seeing the departure of one of it's founding members, Chris "Olaf" Rindal. This
news left the band in near ruins.

Bash, Hudson, and Woodward would spend the next two months deciding how and if to move forward. Finally, after much discussion the three decided they did not want to see an end to Paper Mache, and what had essentially become a band of brothers. The three made plans to move to Austin.

The band moved into a 4 bedroom house in South Austin, and converted the garage into a studio. In true Paper Mache fashion, the band opted to self-finance, and produce the entire record from their home. While in Austin, they were introduced to Heartless Bastard's guitarist Mark Nathan. Mark, who has worked with many great bands and has a Grammy working with Austin native's Asleep At the Wheel, invited the band to come track vocals at a studio owned by
Michael Crow.

The finished product, "Lightning Bug", is a raw and thoughtful album that explores many different stylings of music. On first listen, one will notice the shift in Woodward's lyrics towards a more contemplative and positive outlook on life. The album is fueled by the loss of lover's, loved ones, and close friends. It focuses on the struggles of growing into an adult, and learning to survive and succeed in today's world. Listeners will also notice some politcal motivation on tracks like "Payday Loan", and "Nickel and Dime". Paper Mache plan to continue writing, and are already looking at more tour plans for the future. Be sure to pick up "Lightning Bug" out March 5, 2011, and catch Paper Mache live in a town near you...


released March 5, 2011

Chelsea Seth Woodward: Vocals, Guitar
Brian Bash: Guitar, Vocals
Eddie Hudson: Bass
Jef Van Veen: Percussion

Produced & Engineered by Brian Bash & Paper Mache

Additional Engineering by Mark Nathan



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Track Name: Anthem
don’t fixate on your mistakes let em’ go cause all day we’ve been chanting your anthem you should know
we wear your colors proud we’ll turn this inside out we’re swinging for the fence we’re cheering from the crowd we wear your colors proud
don’t get tangled in your own line cast it out don’t get weighed down carrying your baggage for you now
we wear your colors proud we’ll turn this inside out we’re swinging for the fence we’re cheering from the crowd we wear your colors proud
we’ll lend our hands for lighter work change the plans of what comes first make a mends from what we’ve learned so you’ll know…
we wear your colors proud we’ll turn this inside out we’re swinging for the fence we’re cheering from the crowd we wear your colors proud
Track Name: Through a Fire
a picker on the porch all guts no gleam craddling the torch flickering although he sometimes shakes his stance to me is anchoring there’s something to be said for letting go things that you don’t need with your arms full keeping in your grip the things you know are still worth holding
now we know it’s getting pretty old our words will walk us through a fire don’t be so cold try to see this from my eyes
peeled sheets right off my bed arose to meet the day a little sleight of hand he said that I could stay pushing all my luck spreading myself thin as I can take
put “tomorrows” on your list when spreading up our things take whatever you wish leave my memories let it rest in peace and quiet please If you move on i’ll be fine i’ll be fine pushing repeat
now we know it’s getting pretty old our words will walk us through a fire don’t be so cold try to see this from my eyes
Track Name: Handgun
he’d form a gun with his finger and thumb and wave it all over the place get in his way, surely hell you will pay we’re all bound to go off someday
egg shells, heads down, keep our noses clean
cops on the street flat feet walking their beat cleaning up the things we don’t want a hammer can be used for multiple things to build up a house or destroy it that’s what it did
egg shells, heads down, keep our noses clean
but poor fool, he didn’t know don’t dare to be bold and speak out they’ll take your smile as showing your teeth don’t corner the dog inside of me any loose flap they’ll buckle down any loose soil will be stamped out poor fool he didn’t know don’t dare to be bold and speak out
Track Name: Tired Devil
tired devil’s gotta stick to his guns ran his mouth in the past now that mouth forces him to run this town’s a parent, asks, “why you angry son?” I’m not mad but the way you ask, like mad is what you want
you won’t stop til’ you get it why should I fight it?questions like statements built in response
wanna live the hard life?set your clocks to bar time something bout a whiskey smile always looked so good now he cut his loses he’s movin down to Austin southern bells with southern drawls always in the mood
I’m not your patron saint, victim, or the one to blame,G.I. John Doe, or a stay home Jane Flag waving, whistle blowing I’m not your teachers pet, or a rebel mouth piece in a dunst cap sat,in the corner with his nose up flat against it
I’m not the things i’ve said or done prizes that i’ve lost or won halos and horns tried on for fun but they’re not me I’m just a boy trying to stay dry south bound under cloudy skies heard there’s an island off the 35 that would suit me
Track Name: Nickel and Dime
ear to speak, shoulder to lean the weight of the world and a chip gets mean heavy staggering if you’re gonna get bent don’t get bent for free two cents for your mind how you nickel and dime only wish for coin when the wells gets dry bonafied french cuffs and ties death row meal with no end in mind mothers plug your ears and close your eyes we won’t have to give a damn for what we get tonight
we’re at full capacity fire marshal’s hastlin’ we ain’t up to code whatever that means flesh tone blur sweat drenched shirts whoever’s left standing will be coming in first first name basis will do just fine cause this ain’t the kinda party that happens twice if the doors won’t hold, spill onto the streets if the power gets cut, dance without a beat reaching terminal velocity temperatures climbing up the mercury won’t lose our cool if the boys in blue come bring down the heat
Track Name: Payday Loan
If this tree stops bearing fruit will you chop it into fire wood?your empathy get the best of you and let it live out it’s days as a source of shade he worked for years at a factory just to buy her things she thought she’d need they laid him off so did she when the machine took his right hand right clear off
I looked down after the axe had dropped counted 27 rings inside my trunk I wasn’t concerned with the rings I got just the rings i’ll never have so smile with that big relief i’ll tell you for you the world has a need in life you make a crowd complete in death your food for worms i’ll hit you with that age old phrase that life’s not fair its so cliche i’ll beat it like a bible page never be held accountable
There’s a payday loan on every block it’s a foot on your chest so you can’t stand-up work your whole damn life for a gold watch,child support check, or a burial plot is a soldier worth his weight in gasoline to a vengeful cowboy presidency driving his cattle across the seas trading eyes for eyes til’ we all can’t see what’s going on
You’ll be weighed against the things you’ve done don’t think you’ll like the outcome
Track Name: Foglines
Cut along the dashes between foglines if you stay on your side I’ll stay on mine each get our own ocean, own mountain, own city, own sky Just never overlapping diverted as our eyes
If a day shall come your kids’ curiosity has taken the best you know they’re asking after me will you confess oh you know that talk is cheap so lie
Maybe one day, God willing we’ll be old and gray our gumption will stand but everything else just seemed to melt away
could we be the same boys who vowed our bond we would never break cut from the same cloth discolored in the wash the wash of our ways
if a day shall come my curiosity is taking the best now im asking after me will i confess?was it easy to lie?I wont lie I wont lie
Track Name: Goin' Down
I pocketed the capsule they divvied my way always just plan b, never plan a smoke fumed the engines we traced the cross on our chests prayed a bargaining God to put to bed all of our unrest no tide had turned this is for sure
we’re going down we’re going down we’re going down we’re going down
we’ll take our chances with the ground
unbreakable equations against the strongest minds unbreakable restraints against the strongest guys your nightmare found you helpless you tried to run with concrete feet plight found you wealthless another family you can’t feed come on keep that back straight head up cause we’re
we’re going down we’re going down we’re going down we’re going down
we’ll take our chances with the ground
Track Name: Come On
Come on say it everybody’s thinking it haven’t we all come on say it everyone’s thinking it and you know
come on say it everyone’s thinkin’ it don’t waste time come on say it everyone knows that it weighs so heavy on your mind
come on say it anything worth havin’ is worth a try if you hold back, this won’t be as good as you dreamed it as
come on don’t ya be shy I wanna see those pretty eyes batting back at me if you stutter or go flat nothing says you don’t deserve another chance
come on say it whats there to fear you’ve been here before if you get startled by a shadow turn off the light close the door move on
he’s gonna shoot before he gets shot he’s gonna do work while you play fight he’s gonna shoot before he gets shot he’s gonna do work while you play fight he’s gonna see red and paint your flag white he’s gonna shoot before he get’s shot don’t cross him at all